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⁣Boris Proclaims Biden “Living Deity”—Then All Hell Breaks Loose

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Published on 24 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

⁣A significant new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first revealing that President Putin reported to Security Council Members this morning: “Let me note that, despite the general unstable situation in the global economy, and complex processes in world markets, the Russian economy has recovered”, says most accountable for the “general unstable situation in the global economy” is the United States, as shockingly revealed by the Costs of War Project at Brown University, who in their new study calculated that the total cost of the US' global “War on Terror” stands at about $8-trillion in current dollars, and human losses amount to nearly a million people—a beyond staggering needless squandering of American wealth now being added to by the insane policies of Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden and his socialist Democrats, which makes it no wonder why famed Wall Street analyst and investor Charles Ortel has just warned: “The Democrat Party, with few exceptions, is economically unhinged, as are too many 'Republicans in Name Only'…We do not need more evidence that big spending by big governments is a big disaster…Yet, that is precisely what Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer are trying to rush through…So, the first thing I worry about is a repeat of 2007-2008 or worse, should investors abandon confidence in the US dollar and/or the US system of justice”.
⁣⁣September 22, 2021 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers ⁣
⁣Boris Proclaims Biden “Living Deity”—Then All Hell Breaks Loose

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Suzanne Anon
Suzanne Anon 27 days ago

I am NO FAN OF EITHER OF THESE USELESS BLOBS. However, here is VERBATIM what was said, "...interrupts of unbalances the Belfast Good Friday Accords -- that's the Belfast Good Friday Agreement. That's, that's the --" and then the commotion ensues.

While neither of these ILL-WILLED BUFFOONS deserves a good SPIT be wasted on them, what you suggest was said seems nowhere to be found in this brief moment PRIOR TO the commotion. And I cannot see how you could have heard anything else that either BUFFOON said from the moment the commotion ensued to the ushering out of everyone else.

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