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Boris Pfeffel alias Johnson PM UK, descends from Peter Hayman

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Published on 22 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

This is George Lees interviewing Sean Maguire for the first time in almost a year and we explain the launch of the Coronavirus, the BBC, the DVD Dunst Nazis run by Prince Phillip and Boris Johnson being German like his bro Joe Pfeffel on two salaries as MI6 and MP NAZIS ALL. That is the German MOD boss too and Boris' Billionair backround as a Bullingon Boy Nazi Schoolteacher and Mayor of London This is part 1 of two videos. PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY and with any luck we will be able to get the whole of his new cabinet banged up for stealing from the people by launching a pandemic that is explained in the form of his new head of BBC political news Ms Millionaire Kunessburg whos dad is a German expert on PANDEMIC VIRAL INFECTIONS FROM THE FATHERLAND IN GERMANIA. Thanks to Sean Maguire for having the pluck to tell the story and what is happening in Ireland since the 13th Century Potato famine, disappearance of Duke of Westminsters FORBES estates etc

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