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Bob Hope - Liberals Want Control - NY Re-ticketing Office

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Published on 01 Nov 2023 / In News and Politics

Bob Hope

Born in England, raised in Ohio, Bob Hope originally got in to show business doing vaudevillian and comedic work. His midwestern work ethic pushed him into stand-up comedy, Broadway, films, and song. Hope’s unique style of dance brought joy to millions and the ability to do it all arguably made Bob Hope a man worth remembering. However, what set him apart and established his legacy was his commitment to the military men and women who served overseas. Hope’s unwavering support for the troops earned him the unique privilege of being named an “Honorary Veteran” by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

How the Left Uses Fear to Control Your Life

In our book "We Didn't Fight for Socialism," we warn of the left's overriding goal to control every aspect of our lives. The constitutional freedoms guaranteed all Americans are anathema to leftists. They want to control the government and use the government to control us. Their favorite tactic is fearmongering, creating panic and using it to convince Americans to give up their freedoms for the sake of security.

Obsessed With Need To Control Others, Political Busybodies And Judges Trample On Liberty

In the America I grew up in, the “liberals” were content to use government coercion to confiscate people’s money so they could spend it on their panoply of social engineering and vote-buying projects. They got to compel people to “join” Social Security, subsidize National Public Radio, pay for legions of needless bureaucrats in offices not authorized under the Constitution, bail out political cronies who cried “We’re too big to fail!” and so on.

Why Is the Left Obsessed With Children and Sexuality?

What is it with Leftists and their obsession with children and sexuality?

Seriously, on just about every aspect of sexuality, the Left has it wrong. Their preferred policies have already done incredible amounts of individual, familial and societal damage, and yet they keep pushing for more — and getting away with it.

It's bad enough when those negatively affected are adults. But children are increasingly the targets — and the victims — of these policies.

NYC’s ‘reticketing center’ gives migrants free one-way airfares to anywhere else but here

New York City is now steering migrants to a new “reticketing center” where they can secure a free one-way plane ticket anywhere in the world — as Mayor Eric Adams scrambles to free up space in the Big Apple’s already-overburdened shelter system.

The center, which is located in a repurposed church office in the East Village, was recently set up with the sole purpose of purchasing tickets for asylum seekers who want to leave town, City Hall officials confirmed to The Post.

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