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Blackouts in the east, China economic woes, the collective fight back, FB outage, Crypto and mark of the beast, Pzifer exposed, mutated baby and more!

3D to 5D Consciousness
3D to 5D Consciousness - 1,871 Views
Published on 17 Oct 2021 / In Spiritual

Blackouts are happening in the east, which is causing issues with supply chain as China has to close down manufacturing plants. China is also experiencing economic woes as two major property developers can’t make their repayments on time. There’s a lot resistance in the collective, fighting back on these vax mandates. Check out my commentary on the Fb outage, which I definitely do feel it’s the Alliance doing these cyber attacks. We have now more evidence that crypto, digital covid passport, and QR code is apart of the mark of the beast system. Project Veritas exposed Pzifer and its corruption. Plus more news on mutated baby from inoculations.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 1 month ago

The Mutant Baby: I have seen this 3 times & only the FIRST time did they admit they cannot prove it was a CV VXd baby. You & the 2nd one I saw DECIDED it was, with no mention of source / proof (frankly, I'm inclined to agree though.) They are clearly in India. My question is, WTF is that moron in the middle SMILING about?!?? Needs his ass kicked for that. Seriously. Go back to 43:27, Skip the baby for a minute, & look at the ass in the middle.

HevTruthseeker (Rumble) is Aussie. (excellent vids); She says many of the cops we see there are NOT AUSTRALIAN. Wondering if the UN has already gone in to take over areas there. Sometimes, we see their uniforms close up - looks like Storm Trooper sht, not authentic police uniforms... just stuff to watch for. Everywhere.

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expat1689 1 month ago

Awesome pod cast. You rock girl

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