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Black Rock City. The most unusual town on Earth.

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 93 Views
Published on 19 Nov 2022 / In Spiritual

Black Rock City is a town that exists for only one week each year, during Burning Man. Located in Nevada, USA. We made attempt to find out what makes this town the most unusual in the world.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Facial Recognition does NOT work for People whom do not Come From Our side of the World…

As we know it does not work for People NOT born of or in our Time Line, yes you can UPDATE the Software to say this person is this, or that person is that, but on the Molecular Scale there are differences between Time Androids, GOLEM, and Machine People and even our Doppelgangers in Purgatory FLUX as compared to here in Purgatory Prime…

Thanks be to our God of GOOD and EVIL to know there are Two Identical Worlds in every way except Populations, and though many of you might think my Behavior Matters as Christ Jesus Returned, and I would do well to be MORE as you think I should be with your False Religions and IMPROPER Morality, I do not see you trying to STOP Rape Pornography when I at least admit as a Male and that even many Females Masturbate, and Sexual Release is not the Problem in our Side of Purgatory as compared to their Side of Purgatory because we both must Deal With Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 regardless if we have 8 Billion people to contend with or just 100 Million Remaining for we BOTH Share the Same Buildings in Both TIME Locations out of Phase with One Another as NASA TESLA Rockets drill TONGA Ripple Explosions into the Sky and the Bases of our Ocean…

I was considering all the Faces and People and Children in the Rape Pornography World of Human Trafficking by the UNITED NATIONS world police of Peacekeepers at their COP27 / G-20 and knowing these REPROBATE are not on our Side of the World except CLONES of their {Faces and Behaviors} [{**}] so BOTH sides of Purgatory: seem the same, but we here on Purgatory (PRIME) [{*}] know there is NOT 8 Billion People on OUR SIDE of the world......., and we KNOW we never landed on the Moon........., and I hope my Teachings as Christ Jesus [Returned] +=+ AND +=- Reach them beyond our Vision' and our Senses as we are BOTH out of Phase to one Another` kinda like that Last Episode in LOST WORLD with Fin from the Future….

It is Tragic that we have to Reference TV Shows and Movies too make explanations, but before any Meta OMNI CGI Film of Graven Images was ever Produced in and from the TEN tending COMMANDMENTS of and for Our Mother Heaven and Our Father Earth it was INK on PAPER or as spoken in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME texting on electronic devices called Cell Phones, Tablets and PC to Lap Tops TV SCREENS…

As a Person of Flesh and Blood and Bones I AM NOT A Perfect Man, just as Christ Jesus 1.0 in the Holy Living Bible was not a Perfect Man with Scars on his Head from the Crown of Thorns YOU PEOPLE put there on him; too the Wounds We Healed in his Feet and Hands, and fixed his Side that you ROMANS jabbed him with your SDG - KYC - ESG Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 whence WE Saved him from the Crucifixion, so he could REINVENT himself as Paul the Apostle, and eventually Peter the Rock Hard "Cock" whom made Babies with Mary Magdalene that I AM one of this Pineapple Blood Line called Christ Jesus Returned…


My Behavior is of My Concern, and I even in saying I will Jerk off to your Imprisonment Acknowledges there is SEX Rape Slavery while you do nothing but Preach VALUES of the BUY MY SHIT - The Stocks are UP and the Stocks are DOWN and let us send our Loved ones off TOO DIE and Murder in War Games for all these UN FLAGS saying your FLAG is not my FLAG so I must Kill your Parents, Children, and Friends for the Fake Jews of Hollywood USA Space Force NATO China Russia of JADE HELM 15….

But I was Born to be criticized as Christ Jesus Returned a Person of Flesh and Blood and Bones chosen as The Oracle for the END OF ALL come 2094 CE By the Source of All Creation and the Source of All Destruction, and I AM also a Person with my own Personal Deja-Vu...+

Your Preachers and Teachers LIE about Landing on the MOON, your Religions LIE ABOUT GOD, and your Town Church says nothing about Rape of Children too death in these Pornography Websites where I at least admit in my Virtue the need to Save them while you are SILENT with your ways and you have no Virtues, you just want to Complain when you are the Absentminded called the 97% Regardless of WHAT SIDE we must do our Penance, Atonement, and Reconciliation to our God of (Day 6) in the Book of Genesis unto the Book of Revelation, so do not Judge we the 3% whom at Least Speak up and try to Rescue the People and Children we Jerk off too while you just Walk in your White Washed Walls and White Washed Halls MUD FLOOD BUILDINGS from 1893 AD in all of your CAPITAL [Lanteran] Corporation Capitalist internationalist City Council, and School Board teaching and preaching YOUR FREE MASON LODGES Lies Agreed Upon to our NON-MASON Populations children!!!

There is no LIGHT in you People, you are Darkness Through and Through on Both Sides of Purgatory in this Purgatorial called the Purgatorium...

Amongst everything else my People and Children of Pak-Toe, it does get very CONFUSING Here in Purgatory when the Racka in Matthew 5 have Fucked up Everything in these Days of Noah RETURNED one last time...

Johnny Exodice ?

There is NO LIGHT in you FREE MASON Lodge Members, and as My Body is Dying as a NON-MASON, and you people have Turned off my Social Security hoping I would just DIE, I am still alive because of the will of OUR GOD that is Your God, Their God, and My God, so you may Hate Our God just as you hated me when I was Christ Jesus 1.0 and NOW that I AM Christ Jesus Returned telling youm all the wrongs you'm MODS have done….


However, this is still Purgatory, this is still the MEMORY of whom done what and why as The Wheat and The Tares in the Biblical, and this is The What Was, What Is, and What Will be even if you people SPLIT the World in Two with your MUD FLOOD WEAPONS made in your Lateran Buildings!!!

1st Corinthians 13 – Maybe you would do well to take another LOOK into your Dimly Lit REFLECTIONS in these Red / Green / Blue DOTS Devices that somehow make YELLOW in a Broken World of Broken People that you so too have made!!!

Because YOU PEOPLE whom rule this World are NOTHING but Cowards, and so are them that follow you into your POLITICO Election Head Games...

I forget where we are sometimes, but I do not FORGET what I am, why I am, and Whom I am...

Christ Jesus Returned… ? ?

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Can the NAR Bring Heaven to Earth? – Holly Pivec and Doug Geivett
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