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Black Magic, AI and Magnetosphere & More With Harald Kautz & Gail of Gaia

Gail of Gaia
Gail of Gaia - 346 Views
Published on 11 Dec 2022 / In Technology

Harald Kautz Vella Technologies was founded in 2003 by Harald Kautz. In the first years it was really about technologies, especially about Free Energy in the tradition of Viktor Schauberger. Later, the focus turned to a scientific understanding of life force per se, in the context of cloudbusting in the tradition of Wilhelm Reich, but also in the sense of Gustav Adolf Winter’s Orga Urkult for a chemical-free agriculture. In 2012, there was a clear change of perspective. It was about looking at the competition in the field of weather manipulation. A journey into the depths of the rabbit hole. About chemtrailing, to intelligence activities, to tranhumanism, to the black magic roots of transhumanism, down to the historical causes of duality.
What has always remained is the solution orientation. Additional to the scientific understanding of transhumanism there are medical answers to the questions how to keep one’s own body free of nanotechnologies, to the spiritual understanding of the black magic tradition there are answers to the question how to return to being a natural human being.

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RogueNotes 4 months ago

Greetings, fascinating discussion all round LOL.
Saturn, hex, 6
Prototype of man, in earth plane density, materialization of spirit in physical form.
Satan, Number of man, adam, atom - 600(orbit frequency) threesscore (orbits) and six (entities.energies)
Carbon configuration - man
6 Protons
6 Electrons
Potential formed through neutrino (faster than light source info) resonance bonding.
The biosphere being "penetrated" by the "seeding" source energy to produce creation.
No malevolence needed, just like Chinese whispers and War of the Roses story over eons of character cycles. LOL battle for the upperhand of the sexes, who's on first ;)
The tainting of sex as original sin for guilt religious control.
How can procreation brought about by love be anything but good?
Now the Archons being a different configuration,
looking to transmogrify OUR current config, maybe the shedding snake all along...........
After all, whats a missing electron or proton )applet) between species LOL.
Quite a lot on this plane of existence.

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