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Bix Weir's Freedom Road Show come to St. Louis, July 30 from 4pm - 7pm, 7-30-22, see you there!

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Published on 29 Jul 2022 / In Technology

Bix Weir's Road Show is in St. Louis, Missouri area the Saturday, July 30. The venue is Weber Front Row, 3930 Vogel Rd., Arnold, MO 63010. The time is from 4pm - 7 pm. The charge is $25 per person.
Bix Weir, Bitcoin Ben, Clint Westwood, Motivational Mitch, and Saintjerome will all be there! Bix will be singing and leading talk about freedom! He is an excellent musician. Bitcoin Ben will probably be on stage with Bix for a while also. I will be there and I will have several Ballet Multicurrency Wallets and Gift Cards with me. I hope to see you there! Please hit a like and subscribe to help me out! Don't forget that I have a subscriber drawing for a Ballet BTC Gift Card when I hit 80 subscribers and then when I hit 500. Here are some discounts that you can use that benefits the both of us.
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