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Bill Gates is Lying (Making False Claims), Compilation of Tim McGaffin's Rants

Published on 07 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

Bill Gates has been prancing around on a plethora of interviews falsely claiming a future vaccine will be the solution for coronavirus. First of all, this vaccine does NOT even exist! Secondly, there is of course no proof that this vaccine is safe or effective because it does NOT even exist yet.

Meanwhile those who share their honest views or beliefs or proof about anything opposite of Big Pharma products get persecuted by the FDA, FTC, FBI etc., simply because anything opposite of Big Pharma is falsely seen as potentially harmful. That's what you call good being portrayed as evil and evil being portrayed as good.

True Health does NOT come from Big Pharma, it comes from God and nature, from things that have worked for thousands of years.

Everyone has the right to Free Speech so why does Bill Gates get to lie while others can't even tell the truth?

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