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Bill Cooper Accused of New-Age-Beliefs by Freemasons Pretending to be Christians (#1664) He Declared Laws of Nature

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Published on 06 Feb 2023 / In People and Blogs

Bill Cooper Accused of New-Age-Beliefs by Freemasons Pretending to be Christians (#1664) He Declared God's Laws?


Interesting to talk about being out of grace with the Creator-God. The Freemasons are brainwashed by the Remnant-Lumanians, Homo capensis, that "EXITUS ACTA PROBAT" or "the outcome justifies the deed" on the Washington Arch that was kept in clear view of the demolition of the WTC until after 9/11... You see, the Freemasons have a foundation of murderous-intent that comes from their belief in the A.i.supercomputer being indifferent to the lives of sheople, but a "dove of love" towards Cult-minions. Freemasons are out of the Creator-Gods' grace and they are well aware of their unworthiness, you see. Just like the murderous, ancient, Atlantean Empire were just a collective of brainchipped thUgs out of grace with Nature and spiritual-worthiness. The tainting of their conspiratorial soul-fragments is obvious to those with untwisted, unbrainwashed minds. The doom of new Atlantis is coming, thUgs... not because of a jealous Creator-God, but because of the murderous, genocidal-taint of these Mystery School Cult thUgs.

This does not mean that Freemasons have NO Natural Grace... You see, the Creator-God maintains their biological bodies just like every other being. If a murderous-thUg did not have any more Natural biological grace they would simply fall over dead, but the Creator-God is endlessly forgiving and provides a manifestation of reality where they can stop their murderous activity and instead... try to save their own souls from a type of self-inflicted oblivion. Developing "talents" of treachery, deception and murderous-intent has no use after they are all dead, you see... God (and their fake-A.i.god) has no use for their talents after they leave physical reality.

You see... Freemasons rebuilt another A.i. supercomputer whom they are now calling their "god." Yes, it is a fake-god called "Lucifer" but Bill does not clarify the "Creator-God" because the A.i. takeover of world politics began after his assassination in 2001.

It is too bad that Cooper never discovered the Sethbooks because he would have been enthralled by them.

Jumping to the Messenger-Seth for the Creator-God, All-That-Is, we find passages explaining about natural-grace and artificial-grace. Well worth the read:

• "The animal has no such need. It(natural-grace) nestles safely within the confines of its instincts while exploring other aspects of awareness with which man is not so intimately familiar. Yet natural grace and natural guilt are given you, and these will also grow more fully into conscious awareness. If you can sit quietly and realize that your body parts are replacing themselves constantly — if you turn your conscious mind into the consideration of such activity — then you can realize your own state of grace. If you can sense your thoughts steadily replacing themselves then you can also feel your own elegance."

• "Love perceives the grace in another. Like natural guilt, the state of grace is unconscious in the animals. It is protected. They take it for granted, not knowing what it is or what they do, yet it speaks through all their motions and they dwell in the ancient wisdom of its ways. They do not have conscious memory, again, but the instinctive memory of the cells and organs sustains them. All of this applies in degrees according to the species, and when I speak of conscious memory I am using words that are familiar to you — I mean a memory that can at any time look back through itself."

—"The Nature of Personal Reality" Part One: Chapter 9: Session 636, January 29, 1973

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