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Biden Proposes Nearly $2 Billion More For ATF To Implement His Gun Control Executive Orders

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Published on 22 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Biden ATF Budget 2 Billion

If the ATF focused on real criminals instead of trying to turn people into criminals, there would be no need for an increased ATF budget.

So, Biden's budget proposal for fiscal 2024 adds nearly two billion dollars to the budget of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

Remember that there are currently several lawsuits against the ATF for overstepping their authority, like their wonky stabilizer brace rule, 80 percent frame rule, and the bump stock ban.

The budget language states that the money is to add more ATF personnel and efforts against gun trafficking and, get this, "Increased regulation of the firearms industry."

The Biden administration has literally weaponized the ATF.

The ATF is allowed to make regulations, but that's exactly what they try to do. They think by simply calling them rules; we won't notice that it has the effect of being a law.

Last I checked, only Congress passes laws.

Then, when they do this nonsense, we have to sue the ATF, go through years of litigation, and spend money only for the courts to tell us what we already knew: "The rule is unconstitutional."

And when the government spends all this money fighting these unconstitutional rules that they know are unconstitutional and then lose, they propose a budget increase that "WE THE PEOPLE" have to pay for via taxes to recoup the money they spent fighting for unconstitutional rules that they knew were unconstitutional.

So, in reality, we have to pay money to fight against the unconstitutional rules that the ATF is trying to pass while paying for the ATF so they can fight to pass their unconstitutional rules (laws).

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