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Biden Gloats While Signing Massive Tax and Spending Bill, Gives Pen to Joe Manchin

TwoFeather - 180 Views
Published on 17 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

President Joe Biden signed a $430 billion climate spending bill on Tuesday, insisting it would fight inflation.

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Yesterday I was frustrated with Canadian gov precipitation values which are set up not to be easily comparable:
Regina Annual average precipitation from 1951-1980 is 380mm
Regina Annual average precipitation from 1981-2010 is 393mm

The Climate Global Warming is supposed to make the prairies of North America more arid, but my difficult to get from Canada records comparison shows the prairies in Saskatchewan is less arid.
Rather than risk another Climate-gate twisting data, the feds are just making comparison on their site more difficult to do.
This is government data I used for multiple stations, tossing the lowest and highest in case of obviously questionable data.
Drought is as scam from global warming.
I would believe more some kind of Luciferian weather manipulation to support carbon taxation for the wwCult.

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