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Biden Crime Family & Giuliani Talks About Biden's Child Porn

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Published on 23 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

In this episode, Bombshells are dropping heavy in the censored news you DIDN'T hear on TV...

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KeepTrue 1 month ago

Q also said "Trust Wray " What a Piece of Shit He turned out to be.. GOD BLESS & WATCH OVER President Trump and Whistleblower .. Lt. Bobulinsky !!

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Sally 1 month ago

anderson cooper's brother in that picture is the woman from one of those channels who held up Trumps severed head...yes..she is an he and Anderson coopers brother...sister

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cowboy6591 1 month ago

So soothing to my psych. The BAD news is the same but the method of delivery makes all the difference. So many Patriot reporters leave me with anger and hate towards reality I go to work slamming doors, dropping the f bomb every 3 minutes and slamming my fist down on my desk over the littlest things that go wrong. Before I selected Dustin for the news I was answering my office phone with an angry "WHAT!! or "OK, What's the effin problem now". . I carried the Hosts anger to work and even play. After using Dustin for the news, my personality did a complete turn around. Dustin has that crackling Campfire side narrative voice that is so calming he can tell me the sky is falling in and I won't end up taking extra doses of Blood pressure pills. THE MESSENGER makes all the difference to me. If the Messenger is calm I remain calm and convert more cash to silver bars !!
As you can guess, I'm not a fan of Alex Jones.

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rmc111 1 month ago

Honorable Mr Nemos, I know it has been hard for you. May I suggest the way to succeed is to do a better job than your competitors. This works no matter what you do. Take time to go the extra mile. You are smart and you can do it. Keep the first thing first.

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