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Biden Asassanation.webm

Published on 19 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

Will they really kill Biden to make Kamala the president and blame it on a Trump supporter? Nothing evil they do would shock me. Wait, I take that back, they are evil beyond what normal people can imagine. That's how Satan rolls.

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undrCurent 1 month ago

LED Light Failure!!! I only know. We are on one end of a dipole and the Cabal is on the other end. We want a cheaper product, and they sell cheap by OVER-RUNNING the LED's. However, blaming it on wanting Profit is not why we have this problem. It has to do with the network of people all over the world who are so greedy that they go to child sacrifice events. My only mercy for such evil Humans is: The Secret 5 to 10 mile Underground Kingdom of Space-Aliens that could travel just as fast as Airlines in their network of tunnels for MagLev Trains. Thanks to GOD Jesus Tesla and Trump the tunnels have been destroyed. Do not celebrate we could be at a time in a time line where young or old you must be in the narrow Jesus lane or be a crispy hot soul in hell.

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"King Osirus "Chief Sitting Bull"

Great Observation and Reporting.

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Tina C
Tina C 1 month ago

25000 troops surrounding DC how is anyone goi g to get close to him? Come on, now.

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Denile 1 month ago

Good man! Satan is foiled again! Back to the drawing board Dimz!!!

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Marilyn Watene
Marilyn Watene 1 month ago

If you need to repent: www.mormon.org/missionaries Good place to start.

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