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Biden's ATF Says Gun Owners Have 120 Days To Comply With New Pistol Brace Ruling

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Published on 16 Jan 2023 / In Firearms

ATF Pistol Stabilizing Brace Rule

Remember, Millions of people have these braces on their guns. This new rule, which isn't even a law but has the consequences of being law, asserts that any weapon that is designed, redesigned, manufactured or modified to be fired from the shoulder will now legally be an SBR.

There is also the possibility that if a firearm only features a surface area that could permit it to be fired from the shoulder, it may fall under the definition of an SBR.

The ATF will consider any pistol with a length of pull equivalent to that of a rifle to be an SBR.

Further, the addition of an optic on a pistol that requires eye relief in the same fashion as a rifle will be an SBR. So simply putting an optic on a pistol will likely change it from a pistol to an SBR.

Once again, remember, the ATF told us that these braces were legal to put on our guns, and now over night, they're illegal unless you register them with the ATF.

It doesn't take a genius to see how this is a defacto gun registration.

So now, millions of guns that were once not on a registration will have to be on a registration, or you become a felon.

I'm optimistic there will be lawsuits filed over this but as anyone who has had the misfortune of dealing with the court system, the one thing they are not is fast.

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🌓 Two Lights & Two Darkness in Plato's Cave & Metaphysics
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