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Beretta / Stoeger 8000 Cougar Magazine Conversion From Ruger P Series Mag

45 Alfa Charlie Papa
Published on 22 Nov 2019 / In Firearms

Today we convert a Ruger P Series magazine to use in my new Stoeger Cougar 9mm. I found this gun at a great deal, however it only came with 1 magazine and it was for a 40 S&W not a 9mm. (The .40 mag does work and the dealer has resolved this). I started looking for another magazine and found the 15 round factory mags to be rather expensive and no longer in production. Factory mags are available in 10 round only and pro mag also make a 15 rounder. After scrounging around in my spare part bin, I found that the P Series magazine was almost identical and could be converted to work.

Thanks for watching.
45 Alfa Charlie Papa

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no0negun 2 years ago

MecGar magazines are some of the absolute best in the world and “factory” Ruger and Beretta mags are made by MecGar.
So not only is this option an option force multiplier, its a mainline vein to high quality mags too.

Nice video!

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45 Alfa Charlie Papa
45 Alfa Charlie Papa 2 years ago

Now that cougar mags are only factory available as 10 rounders this conversion makes quality 15 round mags more available.

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