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BECOMING VENEZUELA? China deal may COLLAPSE the U.S. dollar

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Published on 30 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

What’s on our financial horizon WILL impact your life…especially if America falls just like Venezuela did, which is a possibility, Glenn says. In this clip, he explains how new deals China currently is brokering with other nations — like Brazil, for example — means we’re facing something we’ve never experienced before: A collapse of the U.S. dollar. ‘Make no mistake,’ Glenn says. ‘If you want to be prepared, prepare yourself like people should have [done] in Venezuela.’ Plus, the Fed’s new FedNow program — which could lead to a Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC), will only make our chance of financial freedom even worse…

Watch Glenn dive further into this topic during his most recent Glenn TV Wednesday Night Special, which is now available on

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