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Baltimore international airport EMF - TSA BODY SCANNER

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 585 Views
Published on 02 Jan 2021 / In Film and Animation

You can get the GQ-390 EMF meter Here:

EMF detector through airport.
Recording in mW/m2 .
Downloaded data into excel spreadsheets .
Used GQ EMF-390 .
Max recording was 123,333 mW/m2.
TSA workers are constantly getting dosed on 5 second intervals.
5G technology is basically the same energy.
No escaping.
World health organization 2012 bioinitiative report.
Read the short pdf version from 2014.
Military industrial complex has run amok
Military grade active denial systems are coming to your town.

Remember cellphones have to stay 1/2 inch from your head to remain compliant with FCC regulations. This is based upon a full grown man. 10,000 mW/m2 is the max. Children's sculls absorbs a lot more radiation. This is the energy level that increases brain tissue 1 degree. Way more energy than is needed to cause cellular disruption to the DNA

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