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Bad Company Waterfowl 2020: Amateur Hour - October Migrator Days in Nebraska

American Arms Channel
Published on 15 Dec 2020 / In Sports

This time around we are on the Loup River in Nebraska hunting and late October winter storm push of migrating big ducks. Join me and the extended Bad Company Waterfowl crew while we decoy small and medium groups, shoot terribly, and talk a lot of trash.

On this hunt I am using a Belgium made Browning Auto-5 Magnum of 1958 Vintage. I paired it with Kent Bismuth "Upland" 2-3/4" 1-1/4oz of #5 shot. The gun was not lubricated properly and It ended up short cycling in the cold weather numerous times at no fault of its own or the ammunition (dummy me did not place lubricant on the rails or the mag tube following a deep cleaning).


Soundtrack Credit (Instrumental Covers): @Veppa Music

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