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AUSTRALIA CAPTURED for Israel - Josh Frydenberg's NEVER AGAIN (Ernie Rolando)

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Published on 29 May 2024 / In News and Politics

A good example of how the Rothschild soldiers are crying out in pain as they attack.
Correction to this video: the Balfour declaration was addressed to 'Lord Rothschild', it was not addressed to the 'zionists', this is confirmed in the book that i have uploaded, make sure to listen to the intro by MCP to learn about the author. i have also included an image of the letter in part 4 of CRP, which confirms same. Waters Flowing Eastward - The War Against the Kingship of Christ 1953 L Fry (Protocols, Henry Ford)

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SerIntegral 25 days ago

Jews are the most hypocrite people in the world.
卍 Hitler was Right! 卍

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