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Apocalypse! Oman is destroyed! Desert turns into lakes!

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Published on 03 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

Flash floods following heavy rain in Oman have caused widespread damage, leaving at least one person dead and three missing.
Cars have been submerged, homes flooded, roads closed and buildings have collapsed amid the “wild torrents” which followed heavy rainfall.
Several parts of the country have been affected by the extreme weather, which began on Friday, affecting the capital, Muscat.
The weather service, Oman Met, said a “supercell”, which subsequently impacted South Al Sharqiyah, risked leading to an overflow of wadis – the dry valley bottoms, which become rivers during flash-flood conditions.
Rescuers had used boats to get people to shelter in hotels away from the flooding.
Flood waters entered Muscat’s Muttrah souq, flooding the tight alleyways and damaging stock, while many people were stranded and had to await rescue.
In the coastal city of Sur, south east of Muscat, the Royal Oman Police moved 31 families to safe places.
The city recorded more than 200mm of rain over two days – more than two year’s worth – and more rain is forecast according to the BBC.
The country’s meteorological office warned that unpredictable weather will continue for several more days, and the government has extended the existing stay-at-home order – to combat Covid-19 – by two more days.

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goosegatherer 7 months ago

This is a practical demonstration of American Geoengineering Spray technology...... as perfected by the American war machine. A much cheaper way to bring any country to it's knees without firing a shot. The victims will be told it is climate change, and they are so stupid that they will believe it...

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