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Apocalypse in Saudi Arabia! A powerful storm and flood hit the Sharjah desert, UAE, Taif.

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Published on 03 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

According to the Kingdom's Civil Defense Service, weather warnings were issued for several regions of Saudi Arabia until Thursday.
Heavy rains come from Wednesday in different parts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), despite a heat of 50 ° in the daytime, due to testing of new technologies causing precipitation in the dry summer season.
The National Meteorological Bureau reported that it rained in communities near the city of Al Ain in the capital emirate of Abu Dhabi, where temperatures rose to 47 degrees. Forecasters reported that in the UAE in the summer, when there is no rain in the Emirates, it rained after special experiments to seeding clouds.
In turn, the Qatar weather forecast bureau warned that from next Saturday to the middle of next week in the country, where the heat is more than 50 degrees during the day, rain is possible, despite the fact that it does not rain in Qatar in summer. , and over the past autumn, winter and spring, light rain fell only a couple of times.
In the hot and arid UAE, the authorities are actively developing technologies to induce rain: in particular, in the spring of this year, new ways to increase precipitation began to be tested.
Authorities have warned of thunderstorms with moderate to heavy rain and harsh winds in Jazan, Asir, Najran, Al-Baha and Mecca. He also warned that some areas will experience heavy rainfall, which could lead to torrential torrents and flooding.
The Civil Defense also warned of the onset of rain in Medina, Tabuk and Grad.
The warnings were issued based on data received from the National Center for Meteorology.
Civil Defense urged everyone to be wary of weather conditions, stay away from flooded areas, and comply with civil defense regulations and updates announced through the media and social media.

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