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Ancient Egyptian Symbols Hidden in Indian Temple? Crowned Snakes & Pinecone

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Published on 23 Jun 2024 / In People and Blogs

by Praveen Mohan, 950 followers, 1 year ago

The Vatican Basilica is a crowned "Divining Serpent".
The Arabic spelling for "Allah" looks like a crowned serpent.

There are secret carvings hidden in the ancient temple of Kudumiyanmalai. This Hindu temple shows ancient Egyptian carvings, specifically related to snakes and pinecones. Is it the staff of Osiris? Are Hindu Nagas related to Egyptian Wadjet?

0:00 - Strange Snake
0:50 - Egyptian Cobras
1:41 - Egyptian Carvings in India
3:39 - Snakes with Pinecones
6:06 - Snake Whisperers
7:41 - Conclusion

Hey guys, today, let’s go into this forbidden area of this 1300 year old temple, nobody has ever filmed this area, but it has some strange secrets hidden inside. Here you can see a snake, a cobra with its open hood. But the strange detail is on the top. It is shown with a crown or a headdress on top. This detail is never carved in Indian temples, because it is simply not a part of Hindu Iconography. But why is it carved in this temple, and why was it placed in a dark corner, hidden away from regular visitors?
But here is a 2000-year-old artifact, looks almost identical to the carving, right? A cobra with an open hood, and it has the same crown or headdress. But this not from India, this is an ancient Egyptian artifact. Coincidence? What about this one? Again, from ancient Egypt, a cobra with a crown. Again and again, we can see that snakes are shown with crowns in Ancient egypt. So how is this typical Egyptian Carving Found in India? But we shouldn’t jump to a conclusion just because we found one similar carving, so let us see if we find anything else here.
And just a few pillars away from this carving, we can see this carving. Intertwined snakes are common in Hindu temples, but there is a big difference, there is something carved in between them here. It is a little bit eroded, but there is definitely something carved between their hooded heads. I am using my phone’s flashlight, but this area is very dark, so I cannot decipher what it is.
The only way to find out what it is, is to find a similar carving in a bright area in the same temple. Here, look at this carving . Two intertwined snakes, and a pinecone like object in between, but the pinecone is placed on a stem. Immediately I am reminded of an Egyptian artefact, now displayed in the museum of Turin, in Italy. This artifact was supposedly made around 1200 BC, that means it is 3200 years old. And It shows the same details, there are two intertwined snakes, and there is a pinecone like object with a stem in between them. Now, what’s more interesting to me is the tiny little detail, both these snakes are shown with crowns or headdresses. This is the detail that really seals the deal. It is found on the Egyptian artifact, as well as this Indian carving. How can this Hindu temple in India, have ancient Egyptian, crowned serpents? Are Mystery School thUgs in India also hiding the truth from India's common sheeple?

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JamesRoss 23 days ago

The disk is the ancient
A.i. supercomputers.
The horns are the
digital connections
like wings or branches.
The serpent is the
altered genes that
make Homo capensis
live so long using
technologies from
the past cultures.

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