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Anatomy of the Steal: The Four Phases of an Election Takeover (mirror)

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 93 Views
Published on 24 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

In this special report: Former Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck provides an overview of how the evidence indicates that the 2020 election was stolen in four phases:
1) Preparation
2) Main Attack
3) Backup Attack
4) Defense

More information will be made available including links to specific evidence supporting assertions above in a documentary currently in production called "Was America Hijacked?". Once complete, this video will be made available for free to all seeking to view, download and share.


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Johnny Exodice
1 hour ago
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[Q+} The Pen` ?

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Debaroonee 1 month ago

Well are they gonna cheat and win or are we gonna cheat and win. ??If they can do it we can do it right?

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