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AMS Specifications for Stainless Steel | Friend Metals

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Published on 24 Sep 2023 / In How-to and Style

Aerospace stainless steel, classified by AMS, falls into categories like...
1. Corrosion-Resistant: Withstands harsh environments. Think of it as the superman of metals!
2. Heat-Resistant: Perfect for jet engines and high-temperature spots.
3. Precipitation-Hardening: Heat-treatable for increased strength
4. Magnetic Stainless Steel: Ideal where magnetic properties are a must!

Diving into AMS specifications, we discover...
1. Material Composition: The 'recipe' of our alloy
2. Mechanical Properties: This includes tensile strength, yield strength, and more.
3. Heat Treatment: The 'cooking' guide for our steel.
4. Testing Requirements: Quality control steps to ensure the best!

Aerospace commonly uses grades like...
1. 304 Stainless Steel: The jack of all trades in aerospace.
2. 316 Stainless Steel: For the love of the sea and corrosion resistance.
3. 17-4PH Stainless Steel: Strong and rust-resistant. Perfect for landing gears
4. 321 Stainless Steel: Trusty for those hot engine components.

AMS testing and validation - Ensuring the best for aerospace!
1. Chemical Analysis: Like a nutrition label but for metals.
2. Mechanical Testing: Pushing steel to its limits!
3. NDT: Spotting what the eye can't see.
4. Microstructural Analysis: The closer look!
5. Corrosion Testing: Making sure rust is a stranger.
Empower aerospace with the right stainless steel.
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