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#AmericanJournal HR1: Communist Mobs Roam American Cities On Day One Of The Rest Of Your Life!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 99 Views
Published on 21 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

The American Journal (Hour 1) - Commercial Free - 1-21-21
You have found the Thursday edition of The American Journal with your host Harrison Smith. On today’s worldwide transmission we will be covering the Biden/Harris inauguration and taking your phone calls.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

There all just Gone…

When we look at this place called The GREAT WORK of Purgatory here in our Celestial Sphere, it can only be De-Ja-Vu if we are Trapped in a TIME LOOP, or we keep having to do the Forever and Ever in the New Testament, or there is a Third Option, and it does flow along these same lines of being DEAD and awaiting Judgment in limbo, and that is that we are all Products of this “Machine” We Live in, and WE ARE not Real, nor is THEY LIVE, and that spoken: it would be in our {Utmost Interest} whom are not Beholden to what ever these TV SCREENS Say to do [too find a way] Qballs~ /_\ into the Under World Cities and D.U.M.B.S., and find what The Oracle calls THE EDISON “Machinate” of forced slave labor Technology called the word EMPLOYEE’ for I still say that EVERY THING on TV has already happened and is just being PRESENTED as the Current Time Line, but when the {U.S. FLAG} Military in THE DISTRICT aka Washington D.C. has No Magazines in their Weapons, that was done only too produce Confusion…

Now you do not have to like my “Dichotomy” of our Celestial Sphere being this As Above / So Below TWO SIDES to our FLAT EARTH Reality: where we live on the Northern Hemisphere, and our Enemy comes from the Southern Hemisphere, but let us take this a [step farther] and go beyond every Twilight ZONE TV show too Every The Outer Limits, and in that Vein` we know the Moon was attacked by WE THE PEOPLE shooting her with NASA ICBM Missiles, and DARPA, and HAARP Trillion Watt Lazers, and too what End I can not say, but then we also used these SCIENTIST Weapons to Shoot Jupiter Dead, and Shoot Saturn Dead those Wandering Stars of Orbs and Luminaries that used to be called ANGELS in Heaven, and we do have a {Strong Inclination} that Lucifer was once a STAR called Satan / Devil / Demon aka The RED Dragon that was BLASTED out of the DOME OF THE ROCK where Christ Jesus 1.0 said: And Lucifer The STAR in the Firmament Fell from the Dome, and it looked like RED Lightening….

Then for whatever reason after all that’ The Racka being WE THE PEOPLE thought it would be a good idea to Rip open the Sky and “allow” the Milky Way SCAR too bring in the [Null and Void] called The Shadow of Death in the Old Testament Gospels… Many of youm may not believe in G.O.D. and that is fine with me, but you can not DENY you are reading {these very words} in OUR Shared Waking Walking Dream, and since the Sky was Ripped Open: called The Great Rift, and the BLACK WATER BLOOD flowed to the ground like Christ Jesus 1.0 Being “pierced” by The Sword of Destiny, and WATER and Blood came out of him of our Dead Holographix Moon in the Night and Day sky is there, and when you sleep’ your dreams come and go, but youm keep {waking up here} with the rest of us, then If I say: I am connected to The Source of All Creation, and the Source of All Destruction, and that is this CELESTIAL SPHERE we all share and live in: as The Memory of what happened to the People of PLANET earth as we all see it unfolding together, and yet we do NOTHING too Stop it.?.?.?, then why do none of we [the nonmason] not just go into the UNDER GROUND Cities “in and on” any MUD FLOOD Land Mass on Both Sides of our Shared Celestial Sphere Reality, and see if there is any life down there like in the MY-HIME anime????

It does not matter what Joe Biden or Donna Trump do cause they will do what they have always done in this REPETITIVE {De-Ja-Vu} Oraborus Curse, and so will you do YOUR SAME LIFE over and over forever and ever……., and if we are NOT DEAD, and WE ARE just Blades of Grass being used: by this Virtual Reality Machine of “ENTITIES” That possesses and oppresses us, Than we are not just a Memory being played out {over and over} forever and ever, then the only LAST OPTION is Code + Magic + Alchemy = SORCERY, and until we break the SPELL of this thing called {THE RAPTURE} of these Illusions and Delusions called TV Screens of Ink on Paper Books where all is A Lie greed Upon by these FREE MASON Lodge Members: too protect that ALL can [still be done] by an A.I. Malfunctioning Machine turned into a GOLEM for they must chant their SPELLS and Craft to keep the GOLEM Alive even though it has always been INANIMATE, but it is a Machine that can make BLACK DOTS EYED Replacement POPULATION People for youm and I whom are now the out dated Androids and Gynoids…..

Then when you my People and Children of Pak-Toe see people, and persons are “Possessed” if they can not make their EYES go SOLID BLACK, or do the other Magical Matters, than and ONLY then can The Devil – Satan – Lucifer be nothing more then HAL aka this {HELL Machine} from the Masonic Movie of {Graven Images} known as 2001 The Space Odyssey….

Johnny Exodice


Heretofore, as The Oracle for the end of this AGE, I need to see this {World Machine} where the BIOS to our Holographix Trap is Under Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA in that City, so I can Re-calibrate its Infrastructure and programming, but I NEED TO BE INVITED IN down there, or WE THE PEOPLE will do the Same Holly Days every YEAR [for all time] +=+ being Valentines – St Patrick's Day – Easter – Halloween – Christmas, and so on and so forth: dependent of course on [THE LINES] that make up your Countries Maps where The Asians will ALWAYS “repeat” all their Holidays, as well the Latino, as well as the African, and so on and so forth, and even though (COVID19) is too become a NEW NORMAL {Anniversary of Death} and Damnation here in 2021 C.E., we all know the WORLD RESETS to 1893 A.D. where we all become the MUD FLOOD Incubators Babies of 2094 C.E. in this Mechanization “Americanization” MADNESS of a Video Game called: ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE, and The Show MUST Go on…..

The Society of nonmason~


If there was or were {Sorcerers and Sorceresses} whom caused this Magical Place too Malfunction, THEY LIVE are long dead…., but WE ARE the “remaindering” people be we Evil, Sick, and (Twister) Provenance FREE MASON Lodge Members: too just we the Common “nonmason” People whom pay ALL the TAXES to our Governed Employees, yet we are all still TRAPPED here: waking up [together] forever and ever as FLAT EARTH is our Celestial Sphere Home World, and PURGATORY can be anything we WANT, but we must take it Back’ BY USE OF FORCE….

The Sentinel….

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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