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American Made: the Drug Empire of Mena, Arkansas in the 1980's (Great Documentary!) [Part1]

Exposing Corruption
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Published on 13 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

This documentary is from the amazing series Phenomenon: the Lost Archives. It details many conspiracies involved with the drug empire that was built by Barry Seal and the CIA in Mena, Arkansas. These events were later made public during the Iran-Contra affair and were more accurately brought to light by Gary Webb's Dark Alliance news articles through the help of Carlos Lehder and his girlfriend.

The Tom Cruise movie American Made only touched the tip of the iceberg in this vast and horrifyingly real conspiracy against the urban residents of the world.

For more information on the illegal trade please see our video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_a0fwl9NLA

LARGEST FRAUD/RICO in American History!

"Did M & T Bank actually have any interest at all in Howard Graber’s house? Did they or their agent or assignee or successor-in-interest actually hold Graber’s promissory note and/or have the right to enforce that promissory note? That’s a perfectly legitimate question, and one that should damn well be answered before Graber is thrown under the jail for 170 years."

SWAT standoff: Eviction results in 4-hour incident
with Homeowner and WIFE ASSAULTED:

Worse than Gitmo:

Mrs. Judge Sheriff "Butch" Conway:

EPSTEIN - Off-Shore Finances:

"Scotch" Freemasonry History and RITUALS!

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