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America: The Last Stand Against Globalism | Ep 218

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Published on 21 Jun 2024 / In News and Politics

Dr. Ben Carson is the founder of the American Cornerstone Institute, a world-renowned neurosurgeon and one of the most prominent figures in the United States.

President Trump and Dr. Carson went to Detroit recently to appeal to minority voters. Dr. Carson grew up in Detroit and knows that President Trump believes a rising tide lifts all boats. Recent number show President Trump polling around 20% which is up from 8%, Dr. Carson thinks this will continue to rise and the American people are not stupid. Dr. Carson believes America is too powerful militarily to submit to a one world government so the forces that want to control every aspect of our lives have to tear us apart from within. It is only the resolve of a united country that can stem the tide of a globalist agenda. Dr. Carson is prayerful and reflective when it comes to considering a Vice President or a cabinet nominee in a second Trump administration and has yet to make a decision should the opportunity arise. The U.S. debt will surpass and unfathomable $50 trillion dollars in 10 years as spending is out of control and we kick the can down the road to the next generation to pick up the tab. Russia and North Korea sign a partnership stronger than the one formed in the cold war. Signs that foreign leaders are not afraid to form adversarial relationships while the Biden administration continues to show weak leadership on all fronts.

Dr. Ben Carson
Founder | American Cornerstone Institute
Former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 2017 - 2021
Potential Vice Presidential Candidate
Latest book: The Perilous Fight: Overcoming Our Culture's War on the American Family

Visit the American Cornerstone Institute:

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The Stand Down!
Mike Fulmer