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Dust in the Wind
Dust in the Wind - 857 Views
Published on 20 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

Note: After repeated efforts of Censorship by Fascist Tech, which caused two sets of suspensions for Dean Ryan & Kristen Meghan at Facebook and YouTUbe, Livestreaming including basic engagement with the fans have been little to none. Thankfully, friend of the show, George of the Reveal Report, offered to host us at hisYouTube channel for Livestreaming. We thank him for that gesture.
In this emergency Broadcast, the upcoming days to the election are discussed along with real viable options Trump is currently facing.
Why are the troops really in D.C.?
Operation Martyr has now come in play and we discuss the tactic they're using it for.
We Discuss the Common Wealth and the foreseeable future they must be left to deal with. As well as a timely visit from our residential Q Historian + your calls

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ChristianLibertarian 1 month ago

Rushed vaccines! Lockdowns! Wars that won't end! JUST TRUST THE PLAN TRUMP TARDS

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CindyRiley 1 month ago

GOD PLEASE Bring this DARK To LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

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Fernzy98 1 month ago

This will be the most criminal inauguration in American History. I pray the Military protects the constitution but I don't see this shit happening.

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expat1689 1 month ago

Well in several more hours we will know for sure if we have had the wool pulled over our eyes. I have had my hopes build up many times in the last 3 years only to have my hopes destroyed. I really feel at this time that life as we had know it will be dashed and the jack boots are going to come down hard on us.

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Tom Bowden
Tom Bowden 1 month ago

I still wonder what happened to Obama's "Yes,we can" youth army, they would be antifa age about now, some of the older ones would be Bozo,Dorsey and Zuckerberg's age.

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