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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 166 Views
Published on 22 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

It's 2016 all over again as real evidence of Deep State corruption is exposed right before an election. We dig deep into the corruption of globalist-led American politics to show the world what must be done to restore liberty and the ideas of self-determination -- 06

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Termination Date: 10-21-2020 You have now just been FIRED, so you can now Collect UNEMPLOYMENT Benefits for the “Legal” Time Period allowed by Your CORPORATION The U.S. Government, and The State you The “Citizen” so do Reside…

Why were YOU paid UNEMPLOYMENT Benefits while “Still Working” under (COVID19) Fraud and Malfeasance can land you The EMPLOYEE into Prison or Fines or BOTH…..., and not your EMPLOYER whom laid you off aka Furlough….., so I would not Sign this TERMINATION CONTRACT for money owed you anyway as still employed: by the Company or Business...

Hold onto this Writ aka Paper Work as “PROOF” you did not know you were getting unemployment checks while still employed by SUCH AND SUCH Inc, KEEP this Contract as you can now find out What PROOF not “Evidence” did your Employer have too “lay you off” for the Common Cold called CORONA??? Moreover, you The Citizen of YOUR FLAG can LEGALLY in any CRIMINAL COURT: Sue your Employer for “Damages” be it the U.S GOVERNMENT CORPORATION too any U.N. FLAG CORPORATION GOVERNMENT……., as you the “Citizen” have been HARMED by Fraud, and they “The PARTY” aka COMPANY – CORPORATION – GOVERNMENT are LIBEL too you the Citizen of your CONSTITUTIONAL: STATE – NATION – COUNTRY...

Keep this Document: but do not Sign it as in any legal matters once you sign the dotted line: you agree to the LEGAL TERMINATION Process of The State, and the U.S. Supreme Court…., and I would give a Copy of this [Legal Writ] too the UNEMPLOYMENT Office, and say: I did not know I was still employed while being “paid” aka Theft of the STATE you do so Reside; regardless, of YOUR Citizen “Domicile” location: for you the CITIZEN will be held, and taken away under Trumps: RED FLAG LAWS of FEMA CAMPS, and HOMELAND SECURITY being told YOU The Citizen Stole from your NATION and in any CRIMINAL COURTS “OF LAW” that is seen as High Treason, Sedition, Treachery just as our “CEO” of this U.S FLAG Citizens {Unemployment Benefits} has made we Their EMPLOYER Break our OATH OF OFFICE to the STATE FLAG, and OUR STATE CONSTITUTION deeming all [U.S. Citizens] Traitors, and OATH BREAKERS, so U.N. Troops can now Police our BROKE ass Nation of Trillions upon Trillions of “World Debt” owed to the WTO, and the IMF!!!

Theretofore, Am I Libel for the Unemployment Checks??? or is Said LLC Inc., LIBEL for Unemployment Benefits under (COVID19) Lock Down during these last Several Months???

4 weeks to pay you off: so you do NOT use this DOCUMENT to file and claim for LEGAL UNEMPLOYMENT Benefits: Heretofore, File Workers Comp Benefits ASAP…

FRAUD on COMPANY, BUSINESS, and or CORPORATIONS Part… They are LIBEL for letting you STAY EMPLOYED while there is NO EVIDENCE of (COVID19) that such EVIDENCE to this date has not been given too any LEGAL World Courts or otherwise… COURTS Demand PROOF, and some one any one has to this writ: has not given any PROOF that (COVID19) is real...

This is a “nondisclouser” CONTRACT, and I would not sign it; otherwise, you have no LEGAL Remedy if something happens to people whom [collected] UNEMPLOYMENT Benefits while still EMPLOYED by the Corporation that put you The Employee on furlough…

If you do sign this Termination Contract, you The PERSON will be LIBEL for all UNEMPLOYMENT Benefits you took “illegally” from Your GOVERNMENT……., and Your Flag…



The Write In President for 2020 of the US Military Corporation FLAG…

Johnny Exodice LIVES….., and so do we… The Book of EXODICE!!!


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