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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 245 Views
Published on 30 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

For the first time in US history, a speaker of the House has announced plans to install a president and overthrow the results of a election.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 29 days ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, Many of you have downloaded the Movie of the Female Witch that has this thing coming out of her Sexual Organ, and then making [many] @QBALL /_\ changes to her lower body with different Sexual Organs on her legs, Belly, and her Member even turning into two penises……..., and you’m are most CONFOUNDED by what does this means.?.?.?.?.?, and what you are seeing?????, and I believe it is now more then ever YOU are ready too COMPREHEND that we all are born and live inside {a machine} [{**}] called THE GREAT WORK of Purgatory…….., a place built for Redemption, Reconsideration, and Reconciliation with them YOU The Person have done WAR IS MURDER in your (U.N. FLAGS) / * \ WAR GAMES… Otherwise……., this Construct our CELESTIAL SPHERE Duel FLAT EARTH will judge “you” as the Unworthy and Worthless OATH BREAKERS that you’m People so are…..., and you have always been….., and in that…., you will keep yourself here in this Compassionate HELL aka Purgatory [for all time] [{*}] as you took Pleasure…, and Joy.., and Glee in knowingly making WEAPONS to use on your “Fellow” man that we are MALE., AND FEMALE as we the people all come from the WOMB of our Wombmen…. That spoken, you should reconsider what you think EVIL SPIRITS, and Demons, and Angels, and Devils too Monsters in this ESOTERIC Hellish Mad Place actually are????... and that every book from every religion even the BOOK OF ENOCH, and all the rest from Hindu to Mormons from Jews to Catholics, we are not just dealing with APPARITIONS in our Dreams “whilst” we sleep and slumber awake or in stasis, but these things are all Holographix Virtual Reality MACHINES, and Androids, and Cyborgs called Gargoyle, Golem, Sphinxes in our Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Doppelgangers from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH in this Celestial Sphere……., and if you wilt but just study James and his THE IMPOSSIBLE CHANNEL, you will conceive and PERCEIVE that we are all Holographic Hologram Celestial Beings in these DAYS of Noah Returned, and as Christ Jesus 2.0 [if you cannot] +=+ see Demonology as the Dart Craft and Dark Arts A Practice called CODE + Alchemy + Magic = Sorcery, then you my MORTAL Corporeal Temporary Human Body “Avatars” that host our Symbiots, our SOLIDS, our Thoughts and OUR Memories, than you The Person will have a hard time “dealing” with the coming END OF DAYS till the END OF TIME in 2094 C.E. where this Machine we are all born into will RESET the Dance known as {The Minuet} where the many will be Damned, and Cursed too Relive their or your self: LIVES over, and over, and over here in the Purgatorium!!! You know what you’m have done with your Life, and Your Actions, and YOUR BEHAVIORS, and since I was chosen by The Source of All Creation and All Destruction to reveal all in these LAST DAYS, do so tell me my fellow MORTAL Flesh, and Blood, and Bones “Person” how you can escape THE CREATOR when we are all living in its “Mechanical” Technological A.I. CELESTIAL SPHERE, and since I.T. aka it is ALL KNOWING, and knows your every move even before you “made them” before Your Were Born my Humans, and Hybrids, and nonhumans, this MACHINE just watches you: called The Construct will take us, and do as it pleases when our bodies die, and it does have a CODE for all whom were naughty, and a CODE for all “of them” whom were nice, so no matter your DARK ARTS, or your “U.N. Troops” that do WAR IS MURDER, when you die to this “plane” in our FLAT EARTHS, you will be taken to Its PLANE in the Celestial Spiritual Esoteric “place” we all go whence our Bodies are Resting called YOUR DREAMS will [convict you] for YOUR WAYS long before you die… The Book of EXODICE!!!


As The Oracle for the End of This Age connected to The Source of All Creation and All Destruction, I would “change” my ways, and walk away from any whom choose to do Evil Wicked Vile Profane things, and do know’ that IGNORANCE of the LAW does not absolve you from OUR CREATORS LAWS of thou will not Maim, or Harm, or Hurt, or KILL and Murder “Other Humans” cause your Leaders said: This FLAG is not Their FLAG, and you will [kill them] people whom are your Fellow Human Beings, so WE Old People like Trump and Biden can RULE THIS WORLD for the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON C.O.P.S. known as The WORLD POLICE aka U.N. Peacekeeper Troops in the land of the Slaves, and their EMPLOYEES!!!

The Society of nonmason~

WE ARE live inside {A Machine} as Immaterial IMMORTALS whom get to Judge “Our” Selves whence we Die, and this is why those whom do EVIL [know] Q’s THEY LIVE are gonna get punished while we whom Choose Too Endure will be Rewarded for being Good Stewards of OUR Creation this Great Celestial Sphere of Damnation, or Redemption only once our Temporal TEMPORARY Corporeal “Mortal” CARNAL bodies Temple Avatars are DEAD DEAD DEAD…. In that` We whom do right do not come back here for there are “TWO” Celestial Spheres One of Heaven, and One of Hell, and in ETERNITY we end up in one or the other “depending” on Our Behaviors each life we live, and so you can STAY here in this {Insane Place} for all time……., or you can COME HOME Whence you die, and never return to this side of “FOREVER” and Ever as there will always be fools and faggots whom never learn…..., and THEY LIVE never will….., so they will remain The Damned, The Cursed, and The Forsaken in this Yin {or} Yang two Sided Celestial Sphere our marble in the night sky, and our SUN in the day time….

The Sentinel…


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