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#AlexJonesShow HR1: Emergency Global Broadcast! Deep State Announces New Coup Plot!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 333 Views
Published on 10 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

Dem leaders & major publications saying military brass are preparing to remove Trump

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

You need to have your CASH out of the {Stockade and Bondage} [{**}] SYSTEM ASAP for things now move faster for IF I HAD NOT SHORTEN THE DAYS….., then none would survive…

DO NOT PROTEST, do not Participate, get your own Cells, your own Gangs, your own Crews, and use only your 3D Printed Gold - Silver - Copper COINAGE and Leaf to do trade in [Local Money] #QANON /_\ County to County, City to City, and Province to Province ON THEM BACK ROADS only……..., and always use “Mini Drones” too Scope out for these (COVID19) / * \ “U.N. TROOPS” where every flag in this Place are the “U.N. Troops” of JADE HELM 15…..., and you must find “your way” too keep up the Dance, the Touch, and if we can STOP the END OF TIME before the Year 2094 C.E.


Then…….., I will meet you at the “Camp Fire” [{*}] my Rag Tag Rebellion The Society of NONMASON “of and for” +=+ OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition...

If you have NOT Studied COLONY Season One Eps. 3...

NOW WOULD BE “THE REASON” TO TAKE OFF THE FRACKING Employee Slave Mask /-\ cause {U.N. TROOPS} are The Police, G4S, and all “Military Personnel” no matter what COUNTRY you thought you Reside in this [END OF AN AGE] INTERNATIONALIST CORPORATE WAR!!!!!


WEATHER WEAPONS and MUD FLOODS and Trillion Watt LAZERS of the U.N. U.S. Military will be used “on all people” FREE MASON or NOT!!!!

For you were all (Useful Idiots) letting these U.N. TROOPS In Plain Clothing set up all the 5G DEATH RAY TOWERS and walk among “we the people” no matter what Nation WE THE PEOPLE Live…

Always dispose [The Body] Q once it is DEAD DEAD DEAD!!! Q+ The Pen`

Regards from them at the International Criminal Court!!!

WAR IS MURDER, and we Murder them whom do Murder!!!

The Southern Republic…



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