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Alex Jones: Global Operation's of the NWO rollout are going RED HOT! Plus, POWERFUL Caller's!

Demon X212
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Published on 05 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

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Some chopped up clips of Alex Jones Show, as Alex goes into the Elites/Marxist-Globalist are accelerating their plan's.

Digital I.D. [buying, selling, owning], Operation Lockstep, N3 Project, B.R.A.I.N. Initiative, Predictive Programing, The Great Reset, Agenda 21/2030, VHEMT Project.

It's all for the gearing for the Deep State Elites' to own you, control you, kill free speech, kill your freedom's. Genocide you by force or thru the VHEMT... by your own hands "Voluntarily."

They taint our food, water, air, medicine.
They pollute/brainwash our mind's with thru T.V., by the phone's, by the media.
They block, ban, censor ALL truths' in order to control of the dumb down, mindless drones/sheeple.
They push agenda's to break up the nuclear families, rip fathers' out of home's, forcing kids to hate the parents/to hate themselves, forcing kids into being transgendered/loving the same sex.
They push you into corners -- waiting for you to act with violent impulses.
They are crafting a world the Elites want to themselves. A world without God, a world they create new foreign life (Chimera's), a world in which they are the supreme rulers'.

This is all their plan FOR CENTURIES. Testing and preparing. These last 30 years they want everything in order. You gone from ""their"" planet, human life to merge with A.I. (Transhumanism), new chimera's to inhabit the earth, to have one sex/one government/one religion/one god/one culture/one thought/one rule of law. {George Carlin - "It's all a club... and you ain't in it}.

Slowly we are waking up.
Slowly we are fighting back.
Slowly we are witnessing the Deep State/Marxist/Global agenda's being set in motion.


We WILL win this war!! Might no be today, Might not be tomorrow, but we will win... Godspeed.

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