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ALARMING 1 in 43 Rates Of Teen Myocarditis - Dr. Peter McCullough

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Published on 14 Aug 2022 / In Entertainment

And the medical doctors still can't see the connections. They continue waiting for their handlers (FDA, CDC, AMA) to tell them what to repeat-to-the-public next. MDs are selected by their memory. They spend two years memorizing the most convoluted terms (farm-aceuticals, body parts) and none studying advanced math; as any true scientist has to do. They don't develop critical thinking as all engineers do. They are then held within the tight grip of protocols (orders) that they must follow in order to protect their high financial reward. Yes, in the system of modern poison-based medication, those who best follow orders, become very wealthy. Is it surprising there are very few rouge doctors who actually break away from the hivemind and look at their patient's health through a scientific lens?
ALARMINGLY HIGH Rates Of Teen Myocarditis Found In Thailand Preprint 1 in 43 | Dr. Peter McCullough

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marialeroux 6 months ago

Voilà ça commence à sortir !- Montréal - Ste-Justine hôpital pour enfants

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