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AI ChangeWave Investing with Tobin Smith | The Great Reset Ep 1

Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan - 201 Views
Published on 24 Aug 2023 / In News and Politics AI Investing Primer

Join Badlands Media for The Great Rest with host Sean Morgan. Each week Sean will discuss all the important financial news you need to know.
What happens when the AI mania meets the transformative force of change wave investing? Prepare for an enlightening journey with Tobin Smith, the renowned author of Change Wave Investing and Change Wave Investing 2.0, and former Fox News commentator. We traverse the landscape of the tech stack, spotting winners and losers in every 15-year transformative cycle, and delve into the heart of the current AI explosion. Hear Tobin's take on Mera's Law, the NVIDIA GPU revolution, and the dramatic impact of the Fed's trillion-dollar injection on the digital image market.

Every revolution promises casualties and opportunities. We probe into the world of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), its potential to overturn businesses, and its power to unlock a staggering global opportunity worth trillions. Discussions meander through the treacherous terrain of the EU's upcoming Artificial Intelligence Act, its implications on companies, and the potential tremors it could cause in the world of work through job automation.

The future of labor and productivity is poised on the edge of a radical shift. We explore how machine learning, GPUs, and AGI are transforming the workplace and making real-time answers a reality. We also examine the rise of revolutionary software like Wayfinder, altering the very fabric of logistics and reducing the need for manual labor. To wrap up our journey, Tobin offers an insightful look into the mechanics of the stock market and shares pearls of wisdom from his investment newsletter. Strap in for a deep dive into the tumultuous, thrilling wave of AI with Tobin Smith.
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