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A Voice in The Desert Live: Divorce and Remarriage (Part A)

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Published on 03 Feb 2023 / In Spiritual

Please accept our apologies for multiple problems with the live stream being bumped off the air this week. What you see here will be what we managed to save... although it starts with 40 seconds of silence.

There are five links to an article, videos, and part two of this livestream at the end of the index below.

0:42 Good morning! and apology.
1:10 Announcement about next live stream.
1:54 Introducing the Divorce theme, and the concept of "exceptions".
3:15 Question about gay marriage vs heterosexual marriage.
5:18 Masturbation
6:53 Are love and sex the same thing?
9:05 Support for single parents in our communities.
11:35 What Jesus said about divorce & remarriage.
16:25 Does rape constitute marriage, if it results in pregnancy?
17:53 How does God define "marriage"?
21:10 Historical move from polygamy to celibacy.
26:00 Benefit of celibacy.
26:40 More on the subject of kids in the community.
28:33 Jesus changed polygamy.
29:41 Staying together 'for the sake of the children'.
32:05 What is wrong with adult consensual sex (without marriage)?
35:00 We got cut off. Please click on the first link beloe, to get the final ten minutes.

Link to part 'B':

Link to AVID video on Divorce & Remarriage:

Link to AVID video on Masturbation:

Link to AVID livestream on Masturbation:

Link to article on Moral Development in the Area of Sex:

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