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A Tokyo Murder Part 3 by John Dryden & Miriam Smith

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Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In Entertainment

Afternoon Play: A Tokyo Murder
First broadcast: Tue 16th Sep 2008, 14:15 on BBC Radio 4 FM

Three stories by John Dryden and Miriam Smith, linked by the murder of a British teacher Daisy Whitelock in Japan.
The production was recorded in Tokyo.

3/3 Peter and Jennifer Whitelock arrive in Japan to help find their daughter's murderer. Peter puts his trust in a TV producer who promises to champion their cause, while Jennifer begins to receive calls from a man claiming to be the killer.

Daisy Whitelock ...... Sophie Cartman
Jennifer Whitelock ...... Lynne Hobday
Peter Whitelock ...... Martin Burns
Norio Ito ...... Ryuji Yoshimura
Julie Hill ...... Rachel Ferguson
Assistant Inspector Takasugi ...... Takuya Matsumoto
Superintendent Yamagawa ...... Teruhiko Nakajima
Alex ...... Michael Naishtut
Brie ...... Erika Hirokawa
Akira Takahashi ...... Nariyasu Kato

Other parts played by Ken Endo, Daan Archer, Shinji Kobata, Hiroaki Nojima, Masaru Yoshihara, Takako Anami, Rika Wakasugi and Kei Katsumoto.

Producer Tamsin Barber; director John Dryden.

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