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A QAnon Trump vs Deep State Perspective.mp4

John Houk
John Houk - 343 Views
Published on 08 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

I once was a great supporter of QAnon info but eventually became disillusioned with promises of victories on specific dates that NEVER transpired. But I gotta tell ya, a Patriot loving their nation who is weary of how the USA is being turned into a crapper of anti-Liberty by hate-America-first Dem-Marxists, this Q-stuff is as infectious as the fear spread virally to control American thoughts, actions and lives.

So, I share this not to promote QAnon narrative which probably never play out as laid out by Q-propagandists, but to INSPIRE RESISTANCE to the stolen Liberty infecting our American lives and individual Freedom.

Original Source (Simon Parkes):

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