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A Classic Colt Python from the 1970s

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Published on 30 Dec 2020 / In Firearms

One of the most beloved revolvers in the Colt lineup is the classic Colt Python. This one is from the 1970s and is a prime example of why these revolvers were so prized then and still are today.

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arkbuilder2012 24 hours ago

Own 3 ‘old’ Pythons that I shoot occasionally. My first issue pistol was a S&W Model 10 until we transitioned to the 4046 in the mid-90’

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no0negun 27 days ago

Reminds me of the gun the “bad cops” shot in competition in the Dirty Harry films.
Thank you John Milius!

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no0negun 27 days ago

What a CLASSIC!!!!

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