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A black mans powerful message to black lives matter

Gee Gee Tee
Gee Gee Tee - 195 Views
Published on 07 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 12 months ago

Teacher…, why is there A Second Wave when we KNOW it is all a (COVID19) World Domination Plot!!! Take a break my fellow CITIZEN for things are not as they seem down here on our FLAT EARTH inside this Celestial Sphere SIMULATION of Purgatory… Now, I have gone to town, and the people [are fewer] #QANON /_\ now then they were a year ago before this (COVID19) Agenda 21 + 30 was in play, and I did travel from the East Coast to the West Coast, and I kept investigating…., and researching this CONSTRUCT “The Great Work” We are all born into, and did I not say: THE PEOPLE ARE BEING DELETED.?.?.?.? Did you not watch all my BLIPS where I posted them on GOOGLE+ and did not all this DELETION Begin in 2018 in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA On February at THE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL where the EDISON A.I. Machine Resides??? If I was able to film a whole POPULATION be deleted in California, and then Traverse California to Goleta and Isle Vista and see that Little Children's Jackets were laying all over the Abandoned Elementary School, it could very well be that JADE HELM 15 is not the Culprit cause EVERY THING IS A LIE IN PURGATORY, but that those people and even children to babies were never real Flesh and Blood and Bones like you and I, and when it comes to The TRUMP Crowds and Trump Himself, they are nothing more then HOLOGRAPHIC Hollow People playing the game of ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE for they can not wake up……., and they will not, or Can Not say: THE EARTH IS FLAT……., as they continue down this life of WAR IS MURDER….., and there is always the other side of the coin that these people are actually TRAPPED IN HELL as we watch them continue to Hurt, and Harm, and Rape one another with the BILL GATES OF HELL {Forced SLAVE Labor} [{**}] Vaccinations where why would any of us send our children back to School to learn FAKE SPACE when we know we are Celestial Beings inside this Celestial Sphere with our TEMPORARY LIVES not the ETERNAL ONE.?.?.?.? Truth Stream Media talked about People putting themselves BACK IN THE BOX, but I feel it is much more sinister then that!!! If you want to OBEY = RED / COMPLY = WHITE / SUBMIT = BLUE then the U.N. FLAG of S.A.T.A.N. does so own you, and you will join G4S to become these CORPORATE C.O.P.S. for these CORPORATE WARS where all FLAGS are Corporation Flags and nothing more… There is no USA for there are no SANE people left in the World!!! Everyone wants to use the weapon of PROJECT BLUE BEAM where the TV has always been used as A Weapon to keep hidden The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that anyone whom has studied JON LEVI knows this place is not our HOME.., or our REALM., and we better start thinking and talking in the TERMS of {Dimensions and Realms} [{*}] cause there is no way in HELL that people would just live a LIE unless they are The Dammed..., The Forsaken…….., and The Cursed… The Book of EXODICE!!!

Everything is going to AUTOMATION cause there are NO MORE PEOPLE, and The Artificial Intelligence HOLOGRAPHIC Machine (The EDISON) / * \ of Forced Slave Labor Technology is just doing its best to KEEP UP THE ILLUSION of “we the people” till the last REAL Flesh, and Blood, and Bones human Avatar dies in the year of 2094 C.E.

Furthermost, these PEOPLE on TV` are not real, they are “Holographic” Holograms at Best……..., and yes……., there may be “a few” real people in the MIX, but when you are Surrounded by MACHINE PEOPLE with Machine Minds and Evil Wicked PROFANE [Lunatic Q Spirits] in their Heads, than you just go along, unless, you can find a way out, but since people will keep getting DELETION till none remain by the year 2094 C.E. I still see no one coming to me As The Oracle too FIX this A.I. aka Arrhythmical Interfaces Machine???. and see why {this place} our FLAT EARTH Home World of Purgatory is Falling Apart..., but then again….., Purgatory will be Purgatory...

You are TRAPPED in THE GAME my Citizens of LOGUNS RUN…..., and until this Game comes to an End…., you will watch..., and see that “no matter” what we say or do, the WARS WILL COME.., and Nuclear Annihilation will happen to all of WE THE PEOPLE… The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to The Source of All Creation and All Destruction has so spoken…

The Sentinel…

EVERYTHING is a Distraction on TV so you will STAY HOME and not go outside and NOTICE that all the People have Been DELETED just as I Christ Jesus Spoke… One would be Standing there, and the Other would be Deleted… Theretofore, Little Girl Saves the WORLD as the New Source Code for The Machine, but no one seems to want to take me too this machine to release her into THE DREAM we all keep waking up to….., and in that…., All I can say is Little Girl SAVES THE WORLD……., and We Rangers Protect Her…

The Society of nonmason~


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