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What does it mean to be poor in spirit?  |
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An Analysis of Poor Shirley by Christopher Cross The FreakSense Family Theme Song

Morpheus 9-11
Morpheus 9-11 - 248 Views
Published on 12 Apr 2023 / In Music

From Christopher Cross' Debut Album, yet another All Time Great song, and in this case, the ultimate theme song for Kindness and for Helping All Others Find God and Salvation...
It truly is the Theme song for our FreakSense Family, as we have all dedicated ourselves to Teaching Only God's Truth to the Many, so that they may Hear the Light Shinning within themselves, and come to do the Work that Jesus Christ taught all of us, so that we may come to Know and Trust in God once more...

'Save ourselves from all of the Pain, Save ourselves from all of the Pain, we'll Save ourselves from the Pain, and all of the Sorrow, Save ourselves, Save ourselves...'

'We'll take all the Doubtful ones in the Fight and make them hold off 'til the Spring, take hold of their Hallowed Souls, and Save them from Pain, yeah, yeah, All of the Pain...'

This is who the Chosen are...all of us are Chosen by God, but Few ever answer Him from Within...thus, it is imperative that those of us Awakened by God, to come to KNOW His Truth, MUST Share this Truth, regardless of the costs afflicted upon us, so that others may come to See the Light as time comes to its Rightful End...

Remember, Salvation for the Many will come once we as a Species have turned back our gaze to HER, Mother Earth, and the Day that Sympathy, Empathy, Care, Compassion, and Kindness Rule this Earth once more is the Day that we will all come to see the Light of God and become the Hallowed Family of Love...

Father, Mother, and Child, the Hallowed Trinity...

So, listen to this BRILLIANT song carefully, and then GIVE yourself, Fully, to God so that you too may become another Shepherd of this Earth, providing Light and Love for all, thru God's Truth alone...

Love, CF

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What does it mean to be poor in spirit?  |
Cordovas777 See About Section For Important Links to Banned Videos