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Woke Intersectional Marxism Explained

John Houk
John Houk - 156 Views
Published on 05 May 2023 / In News and Politics

On the Telegram Tommy Robinson News Channel (, I watched an awesome speech by James Lindsay on Woke Marxism. This was the Tommy Robinson summary of the video:

“This is perhaps the most important video you can watch.

To truly understand the the various species of Marxism, and why western nations, culture, politics and religion is under attack.

Woke is Marxism and it’s designed to attack and infiltrate the west.

James Lindsay spells out the problems we face today brilliantly.

He calls out the WEF and the UN for pushing this attack on us.

Absolutely brilliant.”

I downloaded the video to place on Bitchute. The download title was “Intersectional Marxism”. I updated the title to reflect what I believe to be a more apt description.

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