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BCP: Response to the pseudo Pope’s LGBTQ propaganda in world media Part four

What is the truth
What is the truth - 437 Views
Published on 12 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

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Quoting AP agency: “(Francis) also called on Catholic bishops … to welcome LGBTQ people into the Church.”
Comment: Absurdly, Francis forces bishops to approve the way of sin, which is in fact a betrayal of God and His commandments. The bishops who preach and protect God’s truth and commandments must allegedly undergo a Bergoglian conversion, about which he has also spoken. As a gesture of this pseudo-conversion, they should welcome unrepenting LGBTQ people into the Church. Saint Apostle John warns against such a paradox welcome: “Receive them not into your home (church), nor welcome them. Whoever welcomes them has a share in their wicked activities!” (comp. 2Jn 10)
Bergoglio’s call on bishops is forcing them not to guide the sinners, including LGBTQ people, to repentance, and thus to salvation. This instruction and Bergoglio’s agenda is a crime not only against the Church, but also against these people. Above all, this is a crime against God, in consequence of which God’s laws and commandments as well as discernment between good and evil are abolished.
Quoting AP agency: “(Francis) said that bishops need to undergo a process of change to recognize the dignity of everyone.”
Comment: What is hidden behind the term dignity as it comes from the mouth of Bergoglio? In its essence it is a proud perversion, rejection of God and self-degradation of man.
What is at the root of Bergoglio’s process of change in thinking, or anti-metanoia? Every bishop must betray Christ and His gospel and accept sodomist anti-gospel, for which everyone is subject to God’s anathema, namely excommunication from Christ’s Church (comp. Gal 1:8-9).
Catholic bishops should be finally awakened by this absurd request by Bergoglio and they should radically separate themselves from the invalid pope. Under current circumstances, they must separate themselves from the structure occupied by him. Bergoglio has already implemented irreversible changes within this structure, which means that a true Catholic and thus rightful pope cannot be elected in the future anymore. The institution of the papacy, whose primary duty is to protect the teaching of faith and morals against heresies, is de facto abolished.
When the Catholic bishops separate from Bergoglio, preferably as soon as possible, they will not lose anything, except for the Bergoglian shackles. In this situation they are obligated to establish a parallel structure, independent of the heretical and self-destructive one. Only a true Catholic structure can protect the basics of the faith and morals and thus truly represent the Church of Christ against the Bergoglian sect.
Bergoglio demands that the bishops, in the name of dignity, approve all sexual perversions, including „Q“- perversions related to sadomasochism, necrophilia or sexual homicidal manias. If the bishops do not approve LGBTQ perversions, Bergoglio’s sect will remove them from the office. It is therefore necessary to break out of the dominance of this sect while there is still time and possibility.
Quoting Francis: “These bishops must undergo a process of conversion (transformation).”
Comment: An expression conversion, which must be allegedly undergone by the bishops, is in fact the apostasy, betrayal of Christ and eventually a transition to the Church of Satan, New-Age anti-Church. By this statement Bergoglio de facto proclaimed before the entire Catholic Church that those bishops who do not approve the suicidal legalization of LGBTQ in the Church must no longer serve as bishops.
A disciple of St. John the Apostle, St. Polycarp, met with a heretic Marcion in Rome. When asked whether he recognized him, Polycarp replied: “Yes, I recognize the one who is the firstborn of Satan.” What would St. Polycarp say to Francis Bergoglio today? Most certainly the same that he said to the heretic Marcion.
The only way out for Catholic bishops, priests and believers today is a radical separation from Bergoglio’s structure and establishment of a parallel ecclesial structure with a true Catholic pope to represent the Church of Christ.

Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) – the voice of one crying in the wilderness

January 27, 2023

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