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9Feb23 How & Why US Sabotaged EU Energy; NOSTR; Great American Sell-Out: Toll Roads

David Knight
David Knight - 265 Views
Published on 09 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Seymour Hersh brings the receipts and lays out how the US destroyed Nordstream. It began months before Russia invaded Ukraine. 2:29

World War Z — Zelensky assured of UK fighter jets about a week after former Defense Minister said the UK needs to send British troops to fight 21:07

Scott Ritter why tanks sent to Ukraine are destined to fail. That's the plan, to draw us into direct war, not a proxy war. 24:08

Suicide Pact — the world is walking into World War 3 with its eyes wide open. 30:55

US refuses to lift sanctions on Syria during earthquake 34:27

Biden twists proposed "sunset" provision and demagogues about GOP wanting to get rid of the welfare state. Unfortunately, they don't want to 42:26

Egg Prices Plummet at Wholesale — But NOT Retail. Will grocers keep prices high and pocket the difference as farmers say has been happening? Will it be a roller coaster or a ratchet? 52:12

CBDC (central bank digital currency) is "surveillance disguised as money". But will it also bring hyper-inflation. 54:05

UK says CBDC is a must "by 2030". But Treasury in the UK posted an open position on LinkedIn for a head of central bank digital currency —NOW 1:01:44

College degrees are losing more career clout than ever. Majority of companies (those who want to succeed in the market rather than play ESG) are dropping college requirements 1:05:22

Will Tennessee's $100 million grant program for pro-life pregnancy resource centers weaken these centers? 1:15:38

What is NOSTR, how will it protect against censorship? 1:23:03

An FBI whistleblower has released documents showing that the FBI is surveilling “Radical Traditionalist Catholics” with technology designed to combat ISIS. The program goes back decades and runs through DARPA. Americans have been the enemy all along 1:30:30

INTERVIEW Toll Roads — Crony Multinational Takeover of Infrastructure. A push is on for toll roads in Tennessee, 1 of 14 states without toll roads. State Senator Frank Niceley joins to talk about the many problems with these "private public partnerships". And he gives an update on the progress of creating a State Bank to counter the push for greater central control of the financial system (CBDC) 2:01:23

What’s the status of the state bank? 2:39:06

WATCH: Disney+ animated "Proud Family" goes to war with America with angry radicalized kids spewing CRT dogma for race war. Yet, Disney censors "The Simpsons" at the demand of China for mentioning slave labor — that's happening now in China. 2:52:34

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