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9/9 Portal - Fulfillment - Light Language for Karmic Completion

The Human Collective
Published on 30 Sep 2022 / In Spiritual

Happy 9/9 everyone!
Today we empower our ability to complete karmic cycles, integrating the lessons in our experiences and embodying the spiritual wisdom gained through countless lifetimes. Take some time on this day to appreciate the highs and lows of your journey through life, and your capacity to move through challenges with grace and faith in the divine plan.

In this series, we will be opening up to receiving the wisdom and the blessings in each of the portal dates throughout the year...the 1st of January, 2nd of February, 3rd of March and so on...

It's best to listen with headphones in a quiet space, also be sure to attune your energies to that of the crystal grid/image, in order to receive the extra activation it gives and remember, as with all light language recordings, listen with your heart, not your mind. Also, if you experience any sort of bodily reactions while listening, shudders, shakes, changes in temperature, a need to stretch certain areas, this is just your body working to heal itself and release blockages's quite a common reaction but doesn't always occur...we are all very unique in our healing processes :)

Thanks so much for listening...I hope this helps you to tap in to the magical powers of the number nine x

In the name of the Most High Divine Light of the Universe, the Creator of all life, the Archangelic League of Light, the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Beings of Light, I ask that this recording and all who listen to it be wholly protected and uplifted in their name and by the Holy Spirit.

Thank you so much to those who have kindly donated to this channel, I really appreciate it...much love and gratitude to you x
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