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Published on 29 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

9/28/23: Impeachment of Joe inquiry advances to subpoena JIm and Hunters Bank records while Trump dominates GOP fake primaries. Meanwhile, Cartel Babylon plans to install Michelle Obama โ€˜24 as Build Back Babylon puts N_zi Inversion on full display....

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Here are the links for todayโ€™s video:

CALL YOUR REP: 202-224-3121- Subpoena Hunter and Jim Biden and Refuse Omnibus CR Spending Spree!

Volunteer! Phones, canvassing, public events, etc:

TRUMP at Michigan Auto Workers Union:

The Basis for Impeachment Hearings:

CARE Court:

Greg Reese Report On Planned "Zombie" event in October:

Jason Shurka:

Todd Callender explaining the October 4 EBS event:

Patrick Byrne: SMARTMATIC Indicted:

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Humanity is Awakening and taking up our S(word) of God's Armor!!โ€จ The Word! TRUTH is the Weapon!
We Will Defeat the Cartel Babylon Globalist Regime!
Prayer Wave!! WE ARE FREE !!

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 2 months ago

They'll "Help" the homeless first?
Like serial killers going after prostitutes.
The ones no one cares about & the ones that will not be missed....
They'll take them away & they'll disappear.
The petitioners?
Will be whole neighborhoods of ppl just wanting the homeless to stop living on & shitting on their doorsteps.
Depopulation in the guise of "taking care of them".
The housing is going to go to illegals.

They have to tell us what they're going to do-
The zombie Apocalypse has been the subject of so many TV shows & movies in the past 10 years it's hard to NOT believe what you just said....

Like shoving trans & LBGTQ etc down our throats.
Force ppl to accept it, then when the videos & memes & article come out about Big Mike, they'll say, "See? we are so under attack (the black cabbage patch spokesperson at the WH says it constantly - "under attack") that we couldn't come out- Barak would have been lynched, our girls would have been unable to have a childhood & live a 'normal' life..."
Immersed in Pedo Joe, National pedophilia & perversion, we will be indifferent to them taking over the White House again....

Agreed - prayer, waking ppl up, more prayer...

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