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9⧸21⧸23 Ukraine Organ Harvesting, TX 60 Sq M Migrant Cartel City

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Published on 22 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

9/21/23 Ukraine organ harvesting exposed and the Colony Ridge TX Migrant City plans to create 10’s of thousands illegals as property owners with private loans at 15% interest rates, with Mexican Cartels as major investors....

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Here are the links for today’s video:

The Thumbnail is from the fictional movie Never Let Me Go, depicting a boarding school in England where children are raised for organ harvesting: You can watch it here:

Get Involved Locally! shares the video of convicted Child trafficker exposing boarding school organ trafficking in Ukraine:

Kay Faust exposes the baby farm industry in Ukraine:

Support Them Before Us to stop child trafficking!

COLONIA! The Illegals' City being built by William Harris in Plum Grove TX, Liberty County, with $1.4M to Gov Abbott:

Cliff High and Remote Viewers predict major event at the end of 2023:

A Prayer For Self-Transformation:

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 2 months ago

Has nothing to do with the topic, but love the frog (ever occur to you that God brings all this life into your videos to make us happy, to keep our attention & to show HE created life & it is entertaining! The squirrels made me sit here & watch vs putting you on the Bose bluetooth speaker & go do dishes or ?) I still do chores while listening but now? I listen twice.

Also - wish I had your hair. Mine's thin & fine & always has been!!

Russell Brand is a POS. Not to say his info isn't good, but it's not new!
& you KNOW he knew (when he married her) that Katy Perry sold her soul to become famous. She SAID IT.
I saw a David Icke interview the other day w Alex Jones. I rarely watch either of them anywhere (& I see both), but stumbled upon it. When asked what he thought of Brand, Icke said he's not saying anything they haven't been exposing for YEARS. He's RIGHT. I believe Brand needs an income, needs to stay relevant, needs an audience. He's flamboyant ("so full of life"- NO - he's fcking overly dramatic - I know because I AM & I make good money at it - in the tourism industry - they eat it up if you're entertaining, engaging, dramatic & passionate , vs the calm 'telephone lady voice' - hahahha).
Watch him again & tell me you'd listen if he said the same thing in a monotone voice...

"Create Holy moments"
WONDERFUL way to say it.

We love you so much.

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