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9-17-21 Why Are So Many “Christians” Following the Counterfeit Kingdom? [Prophecy Update]

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Published on 23 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

The Full Video is only available on RUMBLE so go there and watch!!!!!
There are many Christians who are following the dictates of the counterfeit kingdom of Babylon and do not even realize that they are doing do. For example, Blind obedience to the government and illegal mandates. Christians are Following mainstream media outlets for their news, following the establishment Doctors and Scientist who are not practicing medicine or science but practice the religion of scientism which is motivated politically. Following the principles of the Babylonian system like Wokeism, Systemic racism, gov. handouts instead of working, Welfarism, hatred of moral free market economics and the embracing of socialism, communisms and Marxism, hatred or dislike of Israel, scoffing at prophecy and legit prophecy teachers (q-anon, cults, conspiracy theorist, etc.) Why is all of this happening. We will answer this today.

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Here is the Link to Vimeo Rumble:

This video is no longer up on Vimeo. It was possibly taken down....

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