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9/06/2021- Trump Posts! The Media keeps hiding the truth! We honor our Military and Veterans!

Santa Surfing
Santa Surfing - 2,831 Views
Published on 06 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics




TELEGRAM POSTS BY DAKINE (Formerly known as Secret Anon) and myself:

TELEGRAM – Tifanie

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 15 days ago

Seriously? You include someone's work / music in your video & not only do NOT list them in the description to give credit, but to give the LINK. How am I supposed to send this to my heartbroken son?
idiot. I'll go look around & find a better version (w the lyrics printed there to see).

I take it back & apologize. This time, you didn't scream around like a hysterical 12 yr old with GO, SAMMY, GO SAMMY!!! Screaming like someone from the nuthouse while distributing info to us. My God, how long can that go on? I sincerely appreciate you talking like an adult, keeping calm & using intelligent sounding tones.
I stopped listening to you because of that. You must understand, when we've raised 5 loud kids, we do NOT want to grow old listening to LOUD, screaming adults that we are trying have a convo with or trying to get info from.
Thank you.

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pelicanaus 16 days ago

the Media have committed high treason and we know what the penalty is

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Lugo1218 16 days ago

Thank you Santa surfing ❤️

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