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8/20/2021- Navy Seal "We don't leave anyone behind"! Biden has no solution! AZ Audit report

Santa Surfing
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Published on 20 Aug 2021 / In News and Politics



TELEGRAM POSTS BY DAKINE (Formerly known as Secret Anon) and myself:

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Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn 14 days ago

I don't follow Q anymore, but Q stated that 'QAnon" doesn't exist. This is a media fabrication to tie the two together discrediting both. "There is Q, and there are Anons."

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Unreconstructed 29 days ago

My Warrior Ethos was victory pure and simple. The US Military no longer believes in victory. Here is a dirty little secret when you go to war you destroy as many of the enemy as you can. In fact you try to kill so many of the enemy, that the politicians on your own side find it difficult to screw up the peace. America has not won a war since World War II. Our enemy knows that Americans are so afraid of " collateral damage " that they actually take that into account when conducting their operations. If the United States fought World War II the way we fight wars today half the country would be speaking German as their first language and the other half would be speaking Japanese.

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Unreconstructed 1 month ago

I'm not sure when this " We don't leave anyone behind " nonsense started. When I was in the military we were taught, and we knew that we were all expendable. The mission always came first. We did whatever we could to bring all our men home, but the mission always came first. In combat operations " losses were to be expected " and " sacrifices must be made" . I'm not sure when that all changed. Maybe this is why we don't win wars anymore. The life of a soldier / airmen / sailor / marine are of no value if generals are afraid to put those lives on the line. When I wore a uniform I understood that I could be killed, or even abandoned if the mission came first. Before D-Day General Eisenhower visited the men of the 101st Airborne. Ike stood in the middle of small groups of paratroopers shooting the breeze, and getting to know those men. While Eisenhower was was talking to those Screaming Eagles something else was running through his mind. According Ike's staff, 7 out of the 10 paratroopers he was talking to would die in combat the very next day on his orders. After talking to his paratroopers on the morning of June 5th, Ike went back to his headquarters and ordered the D-day Invasion to take place. Eisenhower has often been criticized for his seemingly lackluster " Okay, we'll go " order for the invasion to begin the next day. I think Ike was wrestling with the fact he was ordering thousands of his men to their certain death. We lost 8,000 men on D-Day, we were damned lucky we did not lose more.

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BrianSeas 29 days ago

Breaking News: Not leaving anyone behind refers to "Fallen Soldiers".

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