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60 Minutes Has Gall To Call Me A Hoax Peddler After Trump Russia For Four Years

GeorgWebb - 4,031 Views
Published on 04 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

60 Minutes had the unmitigated gall to George Webb a "hoax peddler" after four years of saying Donald Trump was an agent of Russia.

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PissJuggernaut 3 years ago

Catching Flak? Over target

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Jane Morley
Jane Morley 3 years ago

The difference, George, is that you and Addy are in the news/truth business, while CBS/60 Minutes are not. There is no point expecting integrity or truth from the mainstream, but it is important to highlight and ridicule their lies and hypocrisy. Keep up your very important work, please, guys! Godspeed!

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Brainfog 3 years ago

Sorry George I laughed so hard, felt they tried to make you poster child of the dark web. You and Addy are everywhere doing investigative journalism not dark web, hope this gets a ton more people watching you and your research.

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CentralCaliGal 3 years ago

I am grateful to you, George; you have given us real news MONTHS before others even thought about the details you've given us! I've been following you for many years, have looked for you all over the internet; it seems TPTB do not want you to give us these truths!! So glad you're back, exposing the evil bastards!!

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Jillbonfig 3 years ago


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